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Bathroom Plumbing


We are experts at repairing and replacing toilets. Have a clogged toilet? The plumbing expert can eliminate those clogs so that your pipes are free of debris. If you have a plumbing problem, reach out and let us know.
We are a locally owned, family-run business serving the greater Winston Salem, NC area.

Water Filtration System

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Plumbing Repair


There are a lot of old houses in Winston Salem that are constantly having plumbing needs.  I specialize in older plumbing.

Blevins Plumbing

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Water is an essential ingredient to life, and pure water is a necessity. We also install water filtration systems.

Bathtubs and


Leak? No Problem!

Call Blevins Plumbing in Winston-Salem, NC

Over time sinks and bathtubs will start to show their age and lead to leaks. Leaks can lead to costly repairs and cause damage to walls and flooring. Call Blevins Plumbing to repair or replace your sinks or bathtubs.
At Blevins Plumbing we take great pride in the work we do and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your project before leaving.
Faucets have internal parts that can wear out and begin to leak. Leaky faucets can occur from handles or spout which means that water will start to run under and on to your countertops, this can lead to costly repairs to fix water damage.

We Are a full-service plumbing solution. no matter how small or how large your plumbing problem, we've got a fix for you.


After more than three decades of servicing Winston Salem Blevins Plumbing is here to service all your plumbing needs.  From routine maintenance to burst pipes, we're here to help. Please contact Blevins Plumbing in Winston-Salem to schedule your appointment today.